Re-calibrating to “full time working mum” status

Re-calibrating to “full time working mum” status

I never wanted to be a “Full Time Working Mum”.

Honestly, I didn’t. Being a woman running her own part time* clinical practice, while also doing my best to raise two young girls was enough for me. (*and by part time I mean three days of client work plus a buttload of admin, which is pretty much almost, kinda full time anyway.)

But then an opportunity cropped up. One that was too good to refuse. One that might lead me somewhere I’m very keen to visit one day. So I had to take that opportunity when it reared its head.

Which means I’m now a card carrying member of the “full time working mother” brigade – FTWM, if you please. It’s meant quite a few changes. On the home front and in my private practice, not to mention personally for me. I’m still figuring it all it, I’m melding it to suit me personally – and my version of FTWM probably looks a helluva lot different to many others’ versions of it.

It has also meant, unfortunately, that I’ve been a bit lax on the ole’ podcasting schedule. Oops. My bad. I thank you for being patient with me in this transition period.

I explain what it’s all about in this episode.

Have a listen and, as always, let me know your thoughts. How do you manage the FTWM thing? Do you thrive? Did you try it and find it just wasn’t for you? What is your happy working day number? What are your favourite hacks?? (Please tell me – I need all the help I can get!!)

Until next time,

Sarah xx