I can’t really imagine what it must be like to be a celebrity – having your entire life so publicly documented on a worldwide scale. It’s something I can’t really comprehend.

I can imagine the annoyance at having paparazzi waiting outside Starbucks, just hoping you’ll spill your triple foam, spiced pumpkin, caramel mochacino all over yourself.

But what I can’t imagine is how you possibly parent a child in the midst of such a public lifestyle. Motherhood is a time of such confusion, second guessing and flying by the seat of your pants – for any woman. But when every move you make is scrutinised and published to a worldwide audience within miliseconds of it happening. How do you cope then?

In the entertainment world where perfection at all costs is the norm – how do Hollywood actresses keep their shit together to manage this parenting gig?

And what happens when they struggle? When the black bitch of postnatal depression comes nosing around and making her presence known. Do you deny and keep face publicly – or do you open yourself up?

That’s what two of my favourite actresses have done in recent times – Kristen Bell and Hayden Panettiere.

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